Explore how we collaborated with LXA to create a user-friendly, SEO-optimized website that effectively communicates their expertise, values, and accomplishments while catering to audiences in both the UK and the Middle East.

LXA is a renowned architecture and interior design firm with a strong presence in the UK and the Middle East. They specialise in providing innovative, functional, and visually striking design solutions for residential, education, commercial, and hospitality projects.

Project Goals


Develop an SEO-compliant website that performs well in both the UK and the Middle East markets.


Clearly convey LXA's offerings, expertise, and unique selling points, encouraging potential clients to choose them as a partner.


Utilise an easy-to-manage platform that allows the client to maintain and update the website effortlessly.

The Process

Discovery & Strategy
During the initial phase, we conducted an in-depth client consultation to understand their unique needs, target audience, and market-specific requirements.
Design & Development
With a solid strategy in place, we proceeded to create wireframes and design mockups that ensured a user-friendly layout and visually appealing aesthetics. We selected and implemented a client-friendly content management system (CMS) that would allow LXA to easily manage and update their website. Our team developed a responsive website that provided a seamless browsing experience across various devices, further enhancing the user experience.
Launch & Ongoing Support
Upon launching the new LXA website, we continued to monitor its performance and provided ongoing support to address any technical issues or updates as needed. This commitment to client satisfaction ensures that the website remains a powerful tool for LXA's business growth and global outreach.
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