Camp & Furnace

We teamed up with Liverpool based multipurpose venue Camp & Furnace to elevate its status to a destination venue and increase ticket sales by 27X

The Results

0 x
Return on ad spend
0 x
Increase in sales
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Increase in ticket revenue

The Story

Catering For All 

Founded in 2012, Camp and Furnace is a unique kind of multipurpose venue and longtime resident of the city’s Baltic Triangle neighbourhood. It’s a restaurant, bar, indoor festival site, music venue, pop-up event space, conference location, cultural hub and all-round surprising destination.

The Goal

Full Attendance

Camp and Furnace wanted to increase online sales and event attendance. The venue also aimed to reduce costs and better understand the impact of its advertising efforts through using more online advertising and less print.

The Strategy

Aim For The Stars

Camp and Furnace had been boosting posts on Facebook before this campaign. However, with no specific reach or targeting objectives set, the ads were not particularly effective. To improve results, we took a more strategic and targeted approach. Our work included:

Working alongside Utilise Social over the past 5 years has been a truly eye opening and rewarding experience. The team's digital marketing knowhow and expertise is unmatched, and the attention to detail and care they put into their work has impacted the success of each and every campaign, without a doubt.
- Paul Speed, Managing Director
Camp & Furnace