DAM Health

Rolling out 100 COVID-19 testing clinics across Europe
and North America through paid media.

Test centres worldwide
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The Story

Reconnecting The Nation

DAM Health is a leader in providing comprehensive healthcare solutions. When we first met with DAM Health and Professor Frank in November 2020, they were on the verge of launching an affordable and widespread PCR testing service. This service was designed to offer a solution to travel complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, making it possible for customers to travel safely and reconnect with their loved ones. With healthcare professionals at the helm and state-of-the-art laboratories at their disposal, DAM Health aimed to make testing affordable and accessible to all. While the foundations were robust, DAM Health needed the right exposure to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. This is where Professor Frank and CEO Kevin Dryhurst brought us in

The Goal

Quality Testing Within Everyone's Reach

DAM Health aimed to rise above the challenges and complexities brought about by the pandemic. Their goal was to establish themselves as a national leader in COVID-19 testing solutions, while also extending their reach into international territories. The focus was particularly on Europe and North America, aiming to provide large-scale, reliable testing solutions to these hard-hit regions. To accomplish this, it was essential to create a strong digital presence that would ensure visibility, trust, and accessibility among potential clients.


A Prescription for Success

To achieve these goals, we devised a comprehensive digital marketing and development strategy that encompassed:

Web Development: We redesigned their website to create a user-friendly, intuitive platform that would help patients find the information they need and book appointments easily.

Brand Identity: We worked on strengthening the brand identity of DAM Health, ensuring their vision, mission, and services were communicated effectively and consistently across all channels.

Meta Marketing: Utilising Meta's diverse marketing tools, we reached a wide audience through targeted advertising, leveraging the power of Facebook and Instagram.

Google PPC: We implemented Google Pay Per Click campaigns to increase visibility, drive traffic to the website, and generate leads.

Tracking: We set up robust tracking systems to monitor the customer journey, from ad interaction to booking an appointment, ensuring a seamless experience for users and valuable data for future strategies.

Retargeting: We employed advanced retargeting strategies to re-engage potential customers who had shown interest in DAM Health services, maximising conversions.

Data Analysis: We analysed the data from our campaigns and user interactions with the website to inform our strategies, make necessary adjustments, and optimise results.

Through our comprehensive strategy, DAM Health was able to not only establish a strong presence in the national market but also expand their operations into Europe and North America, opening over 100 COVID-19 testing clinics across these regions.

Utilise Social have played a crucial role in our national & international expansion. We are overwhelmed with the success of the digital marketing campaigns & website they have created and managed for us, along with their on-going support for our business.
Kevin Dryhurst