Heatwave Visual

Using integrated marketing to help a Californian
eyewear brand realise their vision.

Paid Social ROAS
Increase in website traffic

The Story

Customised Cool

In a world saturated with uniformity, Heatwave Visual emerged as a breath of fresh air. The brand was born out of the imaginative minds of founders Justin Hertel and Doug Karlson, who envisioned a more unique and personalised approach to eyewear. Heatwave Visual offers an enticing range of fully customisable products, allowing customers to mix and match lenses, arms, and frames to create their ideal pair of glasses. By 2019, the company was already thriving, but it recognised that a fresh, well-crafted marketing strategy could significantly amplify its growth. That's when the collaboration between Heatwave Visual and Utilise Social ignited.

The Goal

A Clear Vision

Heatwave Visual's objective was to expand its reach into new markets across the United States, capitalising on its existing customer base while attracting new clientele. This entailed a strategic approach that not only showcased their innovative and personalised products but also resonated with a broad range of demographics. The goal was to create a nationwide buzz that would position Heatwave Visual as a leading player in the highly competitive eyewear market.

The Strategy

Fashioning The Future

To elevate Heatwave Visual's market presence, we devised and implemented a robust multi-pronged strategy:

Facebook Custom Product Feed Carousels: We used dynamic Facebook ads featuring product carousels to showcase Heatwave Visual's diverse range of eyewear. These interactive ads allowed customers to browse through various product options directly within the ad, enhancing user experience and interaction.

Instagram Product Tagging: Alongside Facebook ads, we leveraged Instagram's product tagging feature to visually showcase products in a more organic and engaging way. This enabled us to integrate shopping experiences seamlessly into the customers' social browsing.

Google Smart Shopping Campaigns: We set up and managed smart shopping campaigns on Google, leveraging its AI to dynamically retarget potential customers. The campaigns were automated to display the most relevant products to users based on their search history and online behaviour, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): To increase organic traffic to Heatwave's website, we worked on optimising the site content for search engines. This involved keyword research, content optimisation and technical SEO, ensuring Heatwave ranked higher in relevant search results.

Promotional Activities: Small-scale promotions were regularly rolled out to pique customer interest and encourage sales. These included discounts like 10% off, free delivery options, and occasional flash sales. These initiatives helped create a sense of urgency and value, driving both new and repeat purchases.

Data Analytics & Reporting: A robust system of daily data analytics and reporting was put in place. This allowed us to monitor campaign performance in real-time, assess which strategies were performing best, and make data-driven decisions for campaign adjustments. The data analysis was crucial to understand customer behaviour and preferences, which further informed our marketing strategies.

Customer Retargeting: Using insights from our data analytics, we implemented a customer retargeting strategy. By identifying users who had interacted with our ads or visited the Heatwave website, we were able to serve them with targeted ads, reminding them of their interest and nudging them towards making a purchase.

Our strategic blueprint yielded powerful results, enabling Heatwave Visual to break new ground in the American eyewear industry. Our integrated marketing approach not only increased brand visibility but also fostered deeper customer engagement. This resulted in a significant rise in new customer acquisition and increased loyalty among existing clientele.