Spring Break Amsterdam

Scaling the original Amsterdam weekender

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The Story

Explore, Groove, Repeat

Since its launch in 2016, Spring Break Amsterdam has evolved into an annual tradition for thousands of explorers and music enthusiasts from around the globe. The festival embodies a unique blend of diverse artists, vibrant parties, and unforgettable experiences set in the heart of Europe's most eclectic city, Amsterdam. This event has grown into a significant highlight of the European festival scene, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience that marries culture, adventure, and music in an electrifying package.

The Goal

A Beat Beyond Borders

The aspiration for Spring Break Amsterdam was clear and exciting: to position the festival as the ultimate European getaway for young, adventurous party-goers. This aim required a strategic expansion plan that would not only increase visibility and ticket sales but would also further enrich the festival experience, transforming it into a highly anticipated event for domestic and international attendees.

The Strategy

The Perfect Mix

To amplify Spring Break Amsterdam's presence and reach, we at we orchestrated a multifaceted approach that focused on:

Omni-Channel Lead Generation: We capitalised on a range of platforms including Meta, Google, TikTok, and Snapchat, to attract and engage high-quality leads.

Platform-Specific Content: Crafting engaging, platform-specific content was a key part of our strategy, ensuring that our messaging resonated with our target audiences and generated leads at target costs.

Artist Page Ads: We leveraged the power of artist pages, placing ads that capitalised on the popularity of these artists to entice potential festival-goers and increase conversions.

Competitions: By running competitions, we tapped into the excitement and anticipation around the festival, providing an added incentive for potential attendees to engage with the Spring Break Amsterdam brand.

Dynamic Marketing Funnel: We constantly refined our marketing funnel, emphasising the festival's unique selling points and delivering timely offers to the right audiences.

Adaptability: Our approach has dynamically evolved since we started in 2018. Keeping pace with market changes, we ensured the utilisation of the most effective channels and strategies, all aligned with our aim of achieving year-on-year growth goals.

By leveraging these strategies, we managed to significantly scale Spring Break Amsterdam, making it the go-to European trip for young, travelling party-goers.

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Connor White
Managing Director