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In early 2022, our multidisciplinary team embarked on an exciting journey to create and launch 'Stush', a fast-fashion jewellery brand. From building a strong brand identity to implementing a robust marketing strategy, every part of our agency worked cohesively, leveraging their unique areas of expertise, to help Stush shine in a competitive industry.

Our design team took the lead on creating a customer-centric website on Shopify. With a strong emphasis on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), the website was designed to offer seamless navigation, captivating visuals, and simplified checkout process. Key Shopify apps were integrated to upsell products and increase the Average Order Value (AOV). We also ensured seamless integration with Klaviyo for powerful email and SMS remarketing capabilities.

Our graphic designers developed a striking brand identity for Stush. High-quality visuals, distinctive packaging, and a unique brand voice - 'jewellery with a little attitude' - ensured that Stush resonated with its target audience. The brand was positioned as a provider of high-quality jewellery that was stylish, attitude-filled, yet affordably priced.

Our content creators focused on generating engaging and high-conversion content to fuel our paid ads. Rigorous storyboarding and content ideation led to a constant flow of fresh, appealing content. Weekly targets were set to ensure that a variety of creatives were tested and optimized over time.

Our paid media team implemented a comprehensive strategy. Regular testing of new creatives, audiences, and copy was performed in conjunction with scaling winning ads. This strategy ensured consistent growth, month on month.

We placed a significant emphasis on remarketing via Email and SMS. Engaging with our customer base and subscribers was key to increasing the frequency of their purchases and, consequently, their lifetime value to Stush.

With a solid foundation in place, Stush started expanding its reach by collaborating with influencers. This approach is helping us tap into new audiences and inject new vitality into our marketing efforts.

Stush's journey from inception to its current success stands testament to the power of an integrated marketing approach. As we look ahead, we are excited to steer this dynamic brand towards new milestones and greater heights of success.

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