DAM Health

How we strategised and executed the roll out of over 100 COVID-19 testing clinics across Europe and North America through paid media.

The Story

We first met DAM Health & Professor Frank in November 2020, where we learnt about their new and affordable PCR testing service. The service offered widespread solutions to the travel complications caused by COVID-19 – allowing customers to travel and see their loved ones. 

DAM Health’s vision was to use healthcare professionals and their own laboratories to offer affordable and accessible testing to the masses. The foundations had been built but the company lacked the exposure required to stand out in such a crowded market. At this point Professor Frank and CEO Kevin Dryhurst reached out to Utilise Social… 

The Figures

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Return on ad spend
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Increase in sales
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Increase in ticket revenue

The Goal

DAM Health wanted to become a national leader in COVID-19 testing solutions and expand their patient base into the international market, with a particular focus on Europe & North America. 

The Solution

We provided a full 360° marketing solution, helping to improve all digital aspects of the business. Our work included (& continues to include): 

The Success

DAM Health are now one of the market leaders in COVID-19 testing solutions. In just 7 months we helped the company to achieve: 

National expansion from 1 to over 50 UK clinics

International expansion to over 30 clinics across Europe & North America

100 to over 230,000 weekly website visitors

150 to over 150,000 monthly COVID-19 tests

Utilise Social have done a brilliant job and surpassed all expectations of what we thought we could achieve through digital marketing.
– Kevin Dryhurst, CEO
DAM Health